Driver Assistance (ADAS)

Neusoft Automotives has more than 10 years of experience in developing highly sophisticated object detection and recognition algorithms. We are especially experienced in vision based ADAS technology as an effective way to increase safe driving and to help drivers navigate in complex traffic situations. Camera sensors can achieve very robust results and are considerably more cost effective than radar or lidar technology.


  • More than 10 years of expertise in advanced driver assistance covering:
    • Vision analytics
    • Embedded high performance computing
    • Sensor fusion
  • More than 70 experts
  • More than 40 patents
  • ISO/TC 204 member, actively engaged in establishing international ADAS standards
  • Director member of the ITS Standardization Committee in China


In 2014, Neusoft Automotives announced a partnership with several different companies, each an expert in its field, that aims at disrupting the market for vision based driver assistance. This so called “ecosystem” that will enable for faster innovation, time-to-market and flexibility was initiated by Freescale Semiconductor.